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Specialist safeguarding services to build your organisation's capacity to keep children, young people and the community safe. 


  • Policy development

  • Education & training

  • Specialist advice

  • Compliance review

  • Consulting with children and young people 

  • Organisational capacity building

  • Professional supervision and support

education &


Education and training services tailored to your organisation's needs and designed to reach diverse audiences. 




  • Design & development

  • accredited & non-accredited

  • Off the shelf, your own package or bespoke courses

  • Experienced delivery

  • Adapted to a range of audiences including boards, staff and children & young people. 


customised consulting

Customised consulting services designed to support your organisation through policy, practice and culture. 


  • Project management

  • Professional supervision and support

  • Policy review



auditing & investigations

coming soon....

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